Product Samplers

Product Sampling System

The Monzeal sampling system utilises vacuum to hygienically extract the sample product from the process and automatically deliver it to the sample bag up to 10 m (30 feet) away. The vacuum process is very gentle to ensure a truly representative sample.

A multiple bag holder / automatic bag diverter system can be added to further reduce operator intervention. The number of positions available are 2 to 4.


The sample regime can be programmed to incorporate composite and grab type samples. The sample bag clamps can cater for a wide variety of sizes.

Adjustable sampling parameters:

  •  Sample size (per grab)
  •  Number of grabs (per sample)
  •  Frequency of grab


The sample take, features a scope (shown) for catchment of intermittent product i.e. a drop tube. Alternatively a nozzle is used when product is always present e.g. a hopper.


Cleanline pinch valves are utilised to provide better hygiene, cleaner flow and better reliability over traditional butterfly or ball valves.


The system can be fully dismantled for cleaning.


Control System

  •  Allen Bradley PLC control
  •  Large colour touch screen HMI
  •  Ethernet communication to plant
  •  VPN remote access option


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