Semi-Automatic Bag Fillers

25kg Semi-Automatic Bag Fillers (also available Automatic Filler)

The Monzeal Semi-Automatic Bag Filling System provides low cost bag filling.
Bags are manually presented to the fill head and the filling system automatically fills the bag to desired set-point before lowering it from the fill head.


  •  Stainless Steel Frame
  •  Load Cell Mounted Fill Head
  •  Auger Dosing (option)
  •  Product De-aeration (option)
    • Bag de-aerated before leaving bag spout
    • Twin vacuumizing de-aeration probes


  •  304 Stainless steel construction
  •  Very small footprint
  •  Low profile design
  •  Fully modular
  •  Cleanability – only 4 legs on the floor


Auger Dosing System (option)

  •  Quick clean auger. No tools required for auger removal
  •  Discharge vent sock to reduce airborne dust
  •  Hygienic Product Shut-off Valve

Load Cell Mounted Fill Head

  •  Product weighed in the bag for final accurate fill
  •  Inflatable fill spout seal to recouple bag spout during final fill
  •  Dedicated weight controller for high speed accurate weighing
  •  Air Tight Bag Clamp
  •  Post-fill dust extraction

Raising Base Support Table with Conveyor (option)

  •  Hygienic Design
  •  Bag base compaction system
  •  Automatically raises to receive bag from fill spout




  •  Modified atmosphere packaging (M.A.P.). – (gas packing)
  •  Access platform
  •  Multiple bag loader trolley magazines
  •  Tool-less auger removal

Control System

  •  Allen Bradley PLC control
  •  Large colour touch screen HMI
  •  Ethernet communication to plant
  •  VPN remote access option


  • Address: Unit 9 / 85 Onehunga Mall
    New Zealand
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Phone: +64 9 6222669