Custom Bag Filler

Along with the standard bag filling system, our in-house project and design team can tailor a solution to perfectly match your needs.

Custom Bag Filling Options

  • Automatic sampling system
  • Feed hopper
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (M.A.P.) i.e. gas packing
  • Pre-gassing vessel
  • Access platform
  • Multiple bag loader trolley magazines
  • Kraft (multiwall with poly liner) and
  • plastic bags
  • Roll fed plastic bag system
  • Lower height dosing system
  • Heat seal or sewing bag closure
  • CIP – Clean In Place (wash down)
  • Pre-fill bag Inflation system

Monzeal brings together more than 40 years experience in the packaging industry. With our truely modular approach we are able to finely tune, tailor and adapt any system to your needs both now and in the future.

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