ZA-300N Automatic Bag Filler & Sealer

Monzeal produce bag filling systems for open mouth, pinch top, non-gusseted bags in both Kraft (multi-wall with poly liner) and plastic bags.

Our filling systems are modular and compact in design, and they come fully featured with options including: integrated bag loading & sealing, de-aeration and much more. Built with proven technology to produce the latest in powder packaging.

ZA-300N Automatic Bag Filler/Sealer

The ZA-300N Bag Filler/ Sealer incorporates the sealed net weighing dosing system which offers a nearly dust-free packing solution, ensuring the highest level of cleanliness even for challenging dusty products.
This advanced system provides a professional and efficient packaging process, minimizing the presence of dust particles.


  • Small Footprint:
    Length: 4.9m x Width: 1.2m x Height: 4.2m
    Dramatically reduces packing room space requirements.

  • High Packing Rate:
    7.5 tonnes per hour

  • Dust Free:
    The sealed net weighing dosing system provides almost dust free packing for the ultimate in clean packing on even the most difficult dusty products.
  • Simple Transportation:
    Each module is shipped as two easily assembled sub-modules.

  • Quick Installation:
    Set up and commissioning to be done in days instead of weeks or months.

  • Truly modular design:
    Can be tailored to any required filling rate in 300 bags per hour increments

  • Low impact maintenance:
    Each independent module can be shut-down for maintenance whilst other modules remain running.

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction:
    Built in New Zealand to the highest quality standards.

  • Easy to clean:
    Each component designed with cleaning in mind, with features such as tool-less auger extraction and only four floor contact points.

  • High weight accuracy:
    With our Load Cell Mounted Fill Head the product is weighed in its bag for a truly accurate fill.

  • Minimal product exposure: 
    Countless design hours have been put in to ensure the product will be kept as hygienic as possible throughout the packaging process.

Integrated Empty Bag Loader

For quick and easy loading of bags, Monzeal have developed their own unique Integrated Bag loading system. This removable bag magazine trolley can dramatically reduce changeover time and can be customized to meet different needs including:

  • Pre-made plastic bag option
  • Roll feed plastic bag option
  • Automatic roll splice option also available
  • Auto bag magazine loading system option (low operator intervention system).

Product Dosing System

With Monzeal’s Twin horizontal auger dosing system, optimum control can be provided for the Fill weight accuracy of difficult products. The balanced discharge system will also keep the product in a deaerated, low dust state during bag filling.


  • High-speed accurate weighing
  • Quick clean augers
  • No tools required for cleaning acc
  • Dust tight filling head
  • Dust control system practically eliminating airborne dust
  • Balanced discharged system keeps product in deaerated, low dust state during bag filling.

Product Compaction & Deaeration

  • Dual vacuuming deaeration lances to minimise entrapped air in the product.
  • Deaerating paddles to minimise air pockets in the bag prior to sealing

Integrated Bag Sealing & Closing

  • Internal liner hermetic sealing (multi-wall kraft bag with plastic liner).

  • Bag flap adhesive reactivation and closing system (multi-wall Kraft bag).


Along with the standard bag filling system, our in-house project and design team can tailor a solution to perfectly match your needs with the following options:

  • Automatic sampling system
  • Feed hopper
  • Modified atmosphere packaging (M.A.P.) i.e. gas packing
  • Pre-gassing vessel
  • Access platform
  • Multiple bag loader trolley magazines
  • Kraft (multiwall with poly liner) and plastic bags
  • Roll fed plastic bag system
  • Lower height dosing system
  • Heat seal or sewing bag closure
  • CIP – Clean In Place (wash down)
  • Pre-fill bag Inflation system

Modular Line Layouts

The following line layouts demonstrate how the modular Bag filling system can be easily adapted to meet demand whilst still keeping a small footprint.

Single Module Line Layout – 7.5 t/hr

Two Module Line Layout – 15 t/hr

Three Module Line Layout – 22.5 t/hr

Four Module Line Layout – 30 t/hr

Clean in Place

MONZEAL have a developed a bag filler clean-in-place (CIP) option available for all of Monzeal’s bag filling systems. Various levels of CIP are available. These range from manual hose down to fully automatic internal CIP with spray balls and CIP fluid return system with hot air dry out.

SIMULGAS™ Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP)

In order to improve shelf life of the product, the internal atmosphere of the package can be modified to reduce residual oxygen levels. The oxygen rich atmosphere is generally replaced with an inert gas, most commonly N2 and CO2.

Monzeal have developed the SIMULGAS™ system of M.A.P. which is available on all Monzeal bag fillers. SIMULGAS™ is a highly efficient method using half the amount of gas as our competitor’s traditional systems without the need for pre-gassed product.

Packaging Formats

Monzeal bag Fillers can be configured for a wide range of packaging formats.


Roll Stock Poly Bags

The bag magazine cart can also be replaced with an unwind station to handle plastic roll stock. The unwind unit has driven nip rollers to index the film, seal bar for the bottom seal and guillotine to cut the film to length.

Monzeal brings together more than 40 years experience in the packaging industry. With our truely modular approach we are able to finely tune, tailor and adapt any system to your needs both now and in the future.

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