Bag Loader

For quick and easy loading of bags, Monzeal have developed their own unique Bag loading system.

Monzeal® Bag Loader

This removable bag magazine trolley can dramatically reduce changeover time and can be customized to meet different needs including:

  • Pre-made plastic bag option
  • Roll feed plastic bag option
  • Automatic roll splice option also available
  • Auto bag magazine loading system option (low operator intervention system).

This system is fully integrated into Monzeal’s automatic bag fillers and can be added to Monzeal semi-automatic fillers.

Monzeal’s unique bag finger system is specifically designed to be is gentle on the bag and provides near to 100% reliable loading.

The bag loader magazine features a hot swappable cart system for fast and efficient magazine loading.

The cart can be driven around the plant using A.G.V. to a centralized empty bag depalletization system where the bags are automatically placed into the magazine.

Monzeal brings together more than 40 years experience in the packaging industry. With our truely modular approach we are able to finely tune, tailor and adapt any system to your needs both now and in the future.

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