Airlock conveyor

The airlock conveyor is designed to greatly improve the integrity of the critical hygiene area and reduce air handling requirements. The system incorporates a conveyor with tunnel and dual airlock doors.

As a bag approaches the airlock tunnel, the first door opens, allowing the bag to enter the tunnel. Once the bag is inside the tunnel, the first door closes before the second door opens to facilitate the bag's exit from the airlock tunnel.

Bag De-dusting (Option)

  • The system incorporates an air knife de-dusting mechanism to clean the bags (top & sides) for better inkjet coding. 
  • 3x blower driven air knives directed at the bag to clean away dust from the surface.
  • A dust hood in the top of the tunnel is to be connected to the dust collection system.
  • Plastic slat curtain on the out-feed side of the air-knife, creates a negative pressure zone to prevent dust escaping during the cleaning process.

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