Product Sampling

Monzeal sampling systems are designed to gently and hygienically extract the sample product from the process and automatically deliver it to the sample container.

The process is very gentle to ensure a truly representative sample with minimal product breakdown. 3 different types of sample extractions devices are available.

Vibro Sampler™

The Monzeal Vibro Sampler™ sampling system utilises vibration to extract the sample product and deliver it to the sample bag up to 2m away. This very clean and simple design is ideal for short distances and single extraction point.

Vacuum Sampler

The Monzeal vacuum sampling system utilises vacuum to extract the sample product from the process and automatically deliver it to the sample bag up to 10m away. This versatile design is ideal for longer distances or multiple extraction points.

Vacuum Sample Extraction
A nozzle is placed in the product stream and allows sample product to be extracted.

Vacuum Sample Receiver
A vacuum receiver is used to receive the sample and deposit it into the sample bags, jars or pots. Multiple sample extraction points can feed this unit.

Other available options are bag, jar or pot sample vessels and C.I.P Compatibility.

Auger Sample

The Monzeal auger sampling system utilises an auger to extract the sample giving precise sample quantity.

Sample Vessel Holder Options

Samplers can be supplied with a 1, 2 or 4 position sample vessel holder. The multi-position models have an auto divert feature that allows for composite and retention type samples to be collected.

Accumulation of finished samples also allows for longer operation before operation intervention is required.

Monzeal brings together more than 40 years experience in the packaging industry. With our truely modular approach we are able to finely tune, tailor and adapt any system to your needs both now and in the future.

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